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Autosift Vibrating Screen
  • Autosift Vibrating Screen
  • Autosift Vibrating Screen
  • Autosift Vibrating Screen
  • Autosift Vibrating Screen

Autosift Vibrating Screen

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The Autosift-Vibrating Sieve is the perfect solution for sieving any type of material, whether powder, grains, seeds or any other granular product. With its compact and durable design, it is easy to use and clean, and offers high sieving efficiency.

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The Autosift is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. Its compact and sustainable design makes it ideal for home or industrial use.

It has a motor of only 50 W that provides high sieving efficiency. By not having a mechanical transmission, efficiency is maximized and noise is considerably reduced.

In addition, thanks to the incorporation of four shock-absorbing springs that allow the powder to be sieved evenly on the surface of the sieve.

It features a carefully designed lid to significantly improve airtightness, preventing powder from dispersing during the sieving process.

Includes a non-slip mat and cleaning brush. Also two replaceable sieves of different mesh sizes, to suit your different needs. The 140 micron sieve is suitable for sieving rice, flour and other coarse materials, while the 70 mesh sieve is ideal for sifting herbal powder, coffee and other fine materials.

How to use:

Place the non-slip mat.

Select the most suitable sieve.

Fill one third of the sieve with the material to be sieved.

Cover the sieve with its lid and install the anchors.

Place a container at the outlet of the pot.

Press the power button.

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage AC220V/50Hz/60Hz

Sieving frequency 1150 times/min

Power 50W

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